Artist’s Statement

My work is deeply centered around nature, the environment, and our place in it. I combine symbols, textures, imagery and colors from the natural world to create a sense of memory and nostalgia, and to suggest the passing of time as well as an emphasis on a powerful moment. Bones, shells, flowers, insects, the human body and animal life, the inside of the smallest seeds and the lines and crevices on giant boulders, are all connected physically and spiritually to us and to each other. I’ve been painting and drawing all of my life, and I can’t imagine not doing it…!

I work in a wide range of media, from xerox transfers of my own photographs combined with collage, paint and drawing, to some assemblage and sculpture. I can’t seem to settle with one particular style or medium…. I enjoy combining experimental drawings with abstract painting as well as illustrational imagery. I’m very interested in recycling found materials, such as windows and cabinets that are discarded at construction sites as well as scrap wood and paper.

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